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Shotloc® is an innovative product that is sold in major retail locations nationwide. Shotloc wanted to continue their branding and offerings online, so they contacted OSC to help develop their new site and bring them to the next level. One of Shotloc’s offerings is a basketball shooting coach program. The user is able to purchase, then upload a video into their account showcasing their shooting abilities. One of the coaches from Shotloc will view this video and upload a PDF to be sent back to that user with tips on how to improve. It’s rare that you can get advice like this for such a low price.

Due to their custom, one of a kind program, OSC decided that it was best to code Shotloc into a Magento store using a WordPress blog for search engine optimization. OSC developed a custom module for Magento to work with the specifications that Shotloc provided, allowing ease of use on both the customer and the Shotloc coach.

Check out Shotloc at

Shotloc Sports eCommerce Website

Shotloc Shooting Coach

Shotloc has come out with a great new way to stay on top of your game! You can now upload a video of the shots you take at a local court and the basketball coaches at Shotloc will send back a review of where you can improve your game. This is truly a game changer in the basketball world, as you've never been able to get such great feedback from the pros at Shotloc.

So what does this site include?

  • Responsive Web Design

    Shotloc's website was created to work on all devices from PC to mobile and tablet.

  • Blogging


    Shotloc keeps their customers up to date with a blog based on the Wordpress platform.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Shotloc represents through their social marketing channels.

  • Sports eCommerce Website

    Sports eCommerce Website

    Utilizing the power of Magento, Shotloc is able to sell products online and ship with ease.

  • Coupons


    Shotloc keeps customers coming back with great incentives through their coupon program.

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