ASGR Basketball

ASGR Basketball is already well known for their great basketball events for teens. Throughout the spring and fall, hundreds of teams gather together to compete against each other in order to bring home the price – and the recognition – that goes along with it. Our friends at ASGR knew it was time for an upgrade on their website and along with that, they wanted to offer the event apparel for sale on the website.

OSC worked with ASGR to create a unique look that is mobile optimized and had the eCommerce ability. From the ASGR website, our client was able to tie into his event software, sell apparel, showcase sponsors and more. Check out the website for yourself at ASGR Basketball

ASGR Portfolio

So what does this site include?

  • eCommerce

    Purchase event shirts right from the website!

  • Blogging


    ASGR writes a lot of content and wanted to be sure that posts were search friendly and looked great.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    The website was designed and tested across the most common mobile devices.

  • Coupons


    With all OSC eCommerce websites, you have the ability to provide coupon codes to increase purchases.

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